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These proof-of concept (POC) mockups came about from finding out the major Web browsers would soon no longer be supporting Microsoft Silverlight—the framework behind our office's two major enterprise applications—Thomson IP Manager (TIPM) and Connected IP Payments (cIPP). This led to studying Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS as the likely path to conversion. When one of the developers was tasked with creating an HTML5 POC for one of the list/detail screens for cIPP, he came to me with an armful of functional coding and asked if I could put some skin on it. I suggested he allow me to first build the skin and then we could just swap out the content to suit his needs. The POC was built with live data pulled into the Telerik Kendo UI data grids I was using, HTML and Bootstrap controls and functions

In the short time I developed the front-end, the manager who had tasked the developer had left for another job, so the project was shelved. Figuring we we still going to go in this direction I also developed a responsive, HTML5 mockup for the TIPM dashboard.

Thomson IP Manager Dashboard - Responsive HTML5 (desktop / tablet / mobile)


Connected IP Payments Security Management - Responsive HTML5 (desktop / tablet)


The Conclusion

Recently I was asked to put some skin on an HTML5/AngularJS list/detail POC development. I pulled my list/detail POC off the shelf, suggested it. It was then just a matter of pulling out the mock content, and replacing it with real functionality. Worked seamlessly! Another developer from another team and product is using the dashboard mockup to develop an AngularJS-based dashboard for a cIPP proof-of-concept.