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A couple of weeks after posting on the Thomson Reuters (TR) corporate intranet called The Hub, proposing car apps derived from Thomson Reuters products, I made a mockup for a possible new kind of car app.  The original “AutoMate” post got a lot of views, comments, and suggestions. I got a lot of great feedback and further encouragement by a Director of Advanced Product Development out of London, letting me know they have been developing a Reuters News car app for BMW, what they encounter, and contact him if I need any help.

During some water cooler talk about "car apps" at my office in Bingham Farms, Michigan, with a Director of Data Analytics & Reporting Metrics, she had a good idea. Drawing from our "home" products for intellectual property management, she suggested an "Alert" app for IP Payments.  Made good sense.  Useful.  Very good suggestion.  But a limited market.  However, if it were an "Alert" app for several TR products feeding into the one app, then that's more practical and marketable.

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Alert Wireframe ALERT examples

IP Payments- "Warning! Your First Patent Renewal Payment is due in 14 days..."
Reuters News- "News Flash! An Independent Wins White House!"
Eikon- "Thomson Reuters Corp (TRI) rises above 44.7."
MarkMonitor- "Alert!  There may be infringement activity regarding your 'AutoMate' trademark..."
Reminder- "Your meeting at MBFS has been changed. The new time is..."

And so forth.

* The Intro illustrates an IP Payments alert dialog popping over the vehicle’s normal display.  (In this working model clicking “Decline” closes the dialog, but clicking the vehicle display background will bring it back.  Click the “Accept” button to move forward.
* The “Siri” button toggles Siri on and off (not enabled on the mockup).
* The “Email” and “Call” buttons each open a modal with appropriate actions.  Only the “Cancel” buttons are currently active.
* The “Done” button closes the app, returning to the vehicle display.
* The “AUTHORIZE PAYMENT” button launches a message dialog.

Here, like with the entire car app development, the real key to apps working efficiently and safely is with the voice commands. I also believe that is a key interface for the future of a lot of developments, IoT included. From waking up in the morning telling Alexa to turn off the alarm and asking what the weather will be today, to telling the coffee maker to brew you a Starbucks Breakfast Blend, further asking Alexa to play the morning news, to telling Siri in your car to move all your appoints back an hour, shuffle "Eminem," call Ms. Dooling for an interview...

The Conclusion

This is a very recent idea. And this is just a budding technology. There was a lot of chat and interest around this post and idea. There's a lot of chatter in the automotive industry too about Apple's CarPlay, Google's Android Auto... and hopefully before long, about Thomson Reuters AutoMate.