Roadmap Mockups

Road Map Road Map Mockups - 2019

The purpose of this Road Map is to set the path forward under a cohesive new design pattern. This entailed a couple years of discussion, card sorting exercises, and constant holistic evaluation.

There came a point after a periodic heuristic evalutaion that it just seemed futile to keep fixing stuff or adding features in the old, non-design pattern. This is a final push forward to once and for all, to get away from the old. And by this point a lot of new design pattern had already been weaven into the old (e.g. tab pattern, configuration sliders, and more), so that the final push really was a matter of replacing the structure for the navigation, the heaer, and the footer. The workspace would be filled with the current screens' content, of which can then be tweaked as time permits.

Plant Configuration
Plant Floor
Business Intelligence
Admin Tools