Primary-Replica Model

Primary-Replica Model The Station Option configuration enables a station to be Primary or Replica - 2019

This concept sprang to life during a routine Weekly Product Review I held with stakeholders every Friday morning. I don't recall even what we discussing, likely about a prospective customer having an interest in our process management capabilities when suddenly the boss excitedly starts taking "master-slave" (common developer reference).

Imagine being a vehicle fleet commander looking to build maintenance centers around the world for its vehicles and its drivers' vehicles. We then pondered their actual needs and came up with unique solutions. The first, a way to create work instructions on the fly based on what is needed—in this case, what maintenance items need to be done for a particular vehicle. A Decision Task.

Secondly, to configure in one spot and then distribute that configuration to all the maintenance centers around the world without having to duplicate the configuration at each location, thus the master-slave concept—but obviously not the best terminology. Primary-Replica is what was then decided. The configuration could be done at a HQ in New York (or wherever) and with the click of a button, shot to its replica locations.

Primary-Replica Model

Two-panel layout with the primary work instructions on the left, icons indicate the state-of-operation: ready-to-distribute (4-directional arrow), pencil (editing). On the right panel is the replica sites. Clicking a primary work instruction shows all the pertaining locations on the right. Green and red indicators quickly show what locations are currently in operation, while the badge shows how many installations of that work instruction at that site. The directional icon shows an update is available and allows an instant update of that work instruction. The green arrow shows work instruction is up-to-date. The calendar for a scheduled update.