Live Plant

Live Plant

Live Plant is a visualization tool containing what parts and their status are in each station and buffer. A very handy feature, however, originally you had to click each station or buffer to get this info, or to even find out if anything at all was in the station. Though functional and handy it was still clunky and MPVish.

Original Live Plant Original Live Plant - 2016

This was one of the first tasks I was given, soon after the JEM design and I had not yet settled on an overall application evolution process. However, the one thing I thought helpful, displaying the amount of parts within the station and its buffers upfront without clicking. Total amount and breakdown of Good and Reject parts. One still had to click to see what serial numbers were listed within, but could then click it to view its entire part history.

Revised Live Plant Revised Live Plant - 2017

The new Plant Configuration mode led to the thought that a single toggle click could should display a vibrant, Live Plant view—all with the same features and functionality—but in the more realistic layout.

Redesigned Live Plant A Whole Different, Redesigned, Approach & Experience - 2019