Genealogy Concept - 2016

Genealogy Concept

This was one of the first new idea concepts I conceived and presented at eFlex Systems. Imagine you manufacture a certain product, in this case, automobiles. You begin to get multiple claims of a common issue, in this case, a sticking sunroof motor.

What this visualization does is allows quick drill-downs to any specific component or subcomponent to view manufacturing and marriage information, trace where any specific component or subcomponent currently is at in any given moment, and allows an instant recall.

What this pattern provides, aside of the easy drill-down process, is localized-only information. No information overload. That's is, all the automobile components and parts are not thrown at user in a big Excel file, needing the reader to sift through tons of unneeded data to find what they seek. Instead a logical drill-down offers just the information and data needed to quickly andeasily guide the user to the end destination. A pattern difference now from 2016 is the configuration modals would now be side-panels.

Genealogy Concept